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  • tablet wykres

    Electronic transfers

    We offer fast electronic and traditional bank transfers.

  • kobieta z kartą

    Card payment

    We enable you to accept a range of payment methods across a multitude of currencies. Offering card transactions online can result in conversion levels of up to 95%.

  • telefon blik


    Mobile payment system for instant bank transfers that uses a mobile banking app to make quick payments possible with the use of a smartphone.

  • praca przy komputerze płacenie kartą online

    PayU | Card Push

    PayU | Card Push allows settlement even in 30 minutes and, unlike bank transfers, not only on working days but all year round, seven days a week, regardless of weekends and holidays.

  • uśmiechnięci ludzie robiący zdjęcie

    Credit solutions

    PayU | Installments and PayU | Later are innovative credit products that will increase your sales.

  • płatność telefonem

    Mobile payments

    Our mobile payments solution allows customers to make purchases using a card or bank transfer quickly and easily with one click on their phone.

  • kobieta cukiernia

    Payment link

    We offer merchants the option to send an e-mail with a payment link to their customer in order to confirm their order, or to notify or remind them of the transaction.

  • język programowania

    PayU | Mass Collect

    The user makes a fast payment to the individual account number of the paid service. This solution is recommended for telecommunication companies, cable TV operators, internet providers, and energy providers, as well as leasing or insurance enterprises.