Eobuwie.pl – the champion of cross-border e-commerce

Learn how to succeed in cross-border e-commerce from the leader in the online sales of footwear and accessories in Central and Eastern Europe.

Cross-border e-commerce is a potential revenue stream that no online business should overlook. A well-prepared plan of entry into new markets can result in hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions, of new customers. The opportunities for sellers are huge, but for many, questions remain.


There are a number of potential difficulties that businesses can prepare for. From providing a shopping experience that inspires consumers’ trust to ensuring the customer journey is unified for customers from different countries, there are many things to consider. On top of that, merchants need to logistics, payments and customer service, potentially serving millions of users.


Eobuwie.pl, the leader in the online sales of footwear and accessories in Central and Eastern Europe, is one merchant that has addressed all these challenges.


The story of eobuwie.pl

The story of  eobuwie.pl  is one of transforming traditional business models and innovation in the consistent implementation of new technologies. Eobuwie.pl has traveled a long way, from a concept developed in the back office of a small, local shoe store to the segment leader in Central and Eastern Europe. Currently the company conducts online sales in 16 countries and sales though physical stores in Poland, with 25 stores located in the country’s largest shopping malls.

Download the e-book and read the success story of the company founded by Marcin Grzymkowski.  Find out what  eobuwie.pl  pays special attention to when choosing the next directions of international expansion and how to succeed in cross-border e-commerce.