Martes Sport – case study

From an offline store to cross-border e-commerce on 7 markets What are the challenges of cross-border sales and how do you achieve success?

Cross-border e-commerce is one of the dominant trends in online sales and a direction of growth for many businesses operating in the e-commerce sector. Cross-border sales open the door for companies to a powerful international – and sometimes even global – market made up of e-consumers with varied preferences, who look for innovative products and competitive prices. Entering the cross-border sales path can become a significant source of additional revenue for online shops that are already well-established and have an extensive customer base in the local market. How to prepare for the expansion?


What should you know about cross-border e-commerce? What are the challenges of cross-border sales? Martes Sport, an online shop with several years of experience in online sales, which is currently present in seven markets: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Austria, Hungary and Germany, offers a few tips.

Download the PDF and learn the Martes Sport story. Find out how to sell successfully cross-border, what to prepare for when planning expansion, and what role payments have in cross-border sales.