PayU at Impact 2023!

’Breaking boundaries as a woman’

The next edition of the most prestigious and largest economic and technological event in Central and Eastern Europe –  Impact 2023  –  will take place in May. PayU has been a regular partner of the congress for several years and regularly participates in discussions, round-table meetings or workshops held during the event.


During this year’s edition, we want to express our organization’s support for the issue of empowering women in business and building an inclusive workplace, says Joanna Pieńkowska-Olczak, CEO PayU in the CEE region.


On the Impact stage will be our wonderful PayU colleague, adventurer, a person with an extraordinary passion for extreme challenges and overcoming her own limits, and above all, an advocate of women’s equality – Andrea Mason.


Andrea is a member of the PayU Product Team who has completed the 10-time Iron Man, run through the Rocky Mountains, run the world’s highest marathon and set 4 world records, including swimming through shark-infested waters in South Africa.


In 2019, Andrea completed a challenge that was thought to be impossible: she swam 34 kilometers across the English Channel, cycled 900 kilometers across France, and then climbed Mount Blanc. She accomplished all this in just 4 days and 20 hours. PayU was proud to support her in this extreme project.


Andrea made the decision to take part in this  extreme challenge after undergoing major endometriosis surgery and winning her battle with cervical cancer. Since then, she has been actively educating and breaking taboos related to menstruation and reproductive health. In 2020, Andrea founded the   Lady Talks Matters Foundation, which supports women in South Africa and fights menstrual poverty.

Andrea’s story is an inspiration to take on challenges and shows women that the impossible does not exist.

PayU at Impact 2023