Online card payments: simpler and more secure

From January 1st, use your bank’s mobile application to authorize the online payments

As of January 1st, a new European directive on online payments has entered into force. This brings new changes in the online transactions authentication



Authentication from the bank’s mobile application – with biometrics or password

This is a new method of authentication on a wider range of data, including biometric authentication. Online payment authorization is faster, easier and a positive addition to the customer experience thanks to the 3 DS 2 standard.


The most convenient way to authorize your online payments is the mobile application. There you can safely confirm the payment in several ways, depending on what your bank’s application offers.

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SMS and static password authentication:

If you do not have the bank’s mobile application, you can still authorize payments by using the following method: SMS password received from the bank on the declared phone number (the way you are used to) plus the unique password set by you according to the instructions received from your bank.


In individual banks, the password may take a different form, e.g. logging in to online banking or ePIN for online transactions or even a PIN for the card.


For details on using authentication methods, check your bank’s website.