Online shopping with installments in 2020

PayU Installments more and more popular during online shopping.

Demand for online installment purchases is systematically growing, according to PayU data. In 2020, the total value of purchases paid for with this method increased by 45%. The most frequent categories of goods paid for with installments include electronic devices followed by luxury goods, including jewelry and watches. However, a growing share of installment payments in the total sales is noted also by stores offering e-services, especially those tied to education and health.


Year after year, the number of consumers in Poland interested in financing their online purchases with installments is rising, and online stores respond to this trend. The number of e-stores which allow their customers to spread their payment over time has grown by 15 percentage points during the last 2 years as show  PayU data.


“Analyzing data for 2020, we have observed that the total value of purchases paid for with installments grew by more than 45% in comparison to 2019. This results both from the rising demand for this payment method among consumers, and from the growing number of stores offering PayU installments. Additionally, according to our data, as much as two-thirds of installment purchases in 2020 were made by people who have already used this payment method, which means the consumers remain faithful to tested and trusted solutions”, says Martyna Szczepaniak, Head of Consumer Credit at PayU.

zakupy online na raty w 2020 roku

Growth opportunities in eServices

Data held by PayU suggest that the highest volume of online sales is invariably generated by categories such as electronic devices, luxury goods (especially jewelry and watches), and home equipment (furniture). Last year, as a result of the pandemic and the resulting closure of sports facilities and reduced gym use, there was also a noticeable increase in interest in home sports and travel equipment purchased with installments.


Online shoppers are also more willing to invest in personal development, and care for their health. E-stores offering medical and dental services, as well as education-related services, have recorded the highest average loan amounts, more than 3,000 zloty.


“E-services are a shopping category where we observe huge potential continuously – especially those tied to self-education and health. Spreading payment into installments may help consumers in choosing a more expensive benefit or facilitate regular use of professional training or courses”, adds Martyna Szczepaniak.


Regardless of the shopping category, applications for online installments are frequently submitted via mobile devices – almost 60% of all applications are submitted by consumers using a smartphone or a phablet.


Installment purchases are dominated by men

Data of PayU suggest that in 2020 online installments were used the most frequently by consumers aged 25-34 (40%). The lowest percentage of buyers choosing this payment method to finance their purchases is found in the 18-24 age range (11%).


62% of all installment purchases in 2020 was made by men. Precisely half of all installment buyers are married. Consumers with secondary education used installment payments the most frequently (44%).


The interest in installment financing is also high among beneficiaries of the government family support program, “Family 500 plus”. The benefit received under the program was indicated as one of the two main income sources (auxiliary or primary) by 17% of consumers who used PayU installments in 2020.